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At Ediphi, we are pleased to announce that we now offer the option to download detailed PDF or Excel reports of your estimate data in the same format as you see on your computer screen.

In the past, if users needed to export multiple reports from the system, they had to navigate to each individual section of the tool and export from there. This process required some level of effort and hindered users from effectively utilizing Ediphi reports within their organization.

With our new Report Builder feature, users across Ediphi now have the ability to export individual and/or multiple reports from a single location and receive them as a consolidated file. This streamlines the exporting process and ultimately enables users to deliver data to their clients more efficiently.

What problems does the Report Builder solve?

  • It saves users time and cognitive load by allowing the export of one or multiple files across the application, all in one place. ✅
  • It enables the exporting of data to one file, reducing the friction involved in combining multiple files into one report and minimizing the potential for user error in that combination process. ✅
  • It adheres to the industry expectation of data in, data out. ✅
  • It allows for configurability and customizability of the reports exported out of Ediphi, so users can report on estimates in the format they are accustomed to. ✅ 

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Understanding the Report Builder

The operation of the Report Builder is straightforward. The content displayed on the screen corresponds directly to the content included in the report, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or selection of report components. For instance, if you desire a report illustrating your line items based on the Bid Package Grouping, you can specify this grouping in your estimate view. Then, when you use the Report Builder to export this section, it will generate a PDF or Excel document reflecting the exact view with the specified grouping.

It is worth mentioning that the available options offered by the Report Builder may differ depending on the specific location within the system where you choose to export. For instance:

  • If you utilize the Report Builder in the Estimate section of your project, the system will provide you with the opportunity to export any information pertaining to your Estimate from any tab; this includes items such as the Area Sheet, the Unit Mix, Rooms, and more, as long as there is data present in these tabs.
  • If you utilize the Report Builder in the Contracting section of your project, the system will provide you with the opportunity to export any information pertaining to the Contracting tab from any Bid Group; this includes items such as the Scope Sheets, Buy Sheets, and more. As previously mentioned, these options will be available for export as long as there is data present within these sections.

Pro Tip: Depending on the number of reports requested simultaneously, the system will either download them within the application or send them to you via email once they are completed.

For instance, if you were to download a Scope Sheet report for your Concrete bid package, the system will automatically download that report within the application through your browser.

However, if you were to download Scope Sheets for your Concrete, Demolition, Drywall, and Final Cleaning bid packages, the system will instead send these reports to you via email. This is done to prevent any delays or timeouts so you can continue to use the system.

In summary, if you export one report, it will be downloaded within the application. If you export two or more reports, they will be emailed to you.

Additionally, when downloading two or more Excel reports, each individual report will be displayed as a separate tab within a single Excel file (instead of multiple Excel files).

Finally, it is important to be aware that in the event you submit an excessive number of report requests simultaneously or if the size of the reports requested is considerably large, you will receive an email notification indicating that they cannot be downloaded:

It is recommended to decrease the size of the report by downloading the reports individually, as this will enable you to export them.

Export Options

For Estimates:

When it comes to Estimates, it is essential to navigate to the specific estimate from which you intend to export the data. Here's the data that you have the ability to export:

    1. Estimate
      1. Estimate Executive Summary
      2. Estimate Schedule of Values with Markups
      3. Estimate Detailed Summary
      4. Estimate Alternates Schedule of Values with Markups
    2. Area Sheet
    3. Units
      1. Unit Mix (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Use Group Unit Mixes)
      2. Unit Mix Quantity Takeoff (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Use Group Unit Mix Quantity Takeoffs)
    4. Rooms
      1. Rooms Summary (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Use Group Rooms Summaries)
      2. Rooms Estimate (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Use Group Rooms Estimates)

For Contracting:

When it comes to Contracting, you have the option to be under any Bid Group. When exporting, you will be able to select various Bid Group details (such as Scope Sheet, Buy Sheet, and/or Schedule of Values) for the respective project. Here is the data that can be exported:

    1. Contracts Scope Sheet (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Scope Sheets)
    2. Contracts Buy Sheet (+ Ability to select/deselect specific Buy Sheets)
    3. Contracts Schedule of Values
      1. SOV
      2. Allowance
      3. Holds
      4. Coverage Report

Using the Report Builder

The Report Builder is currently only accessible and available in the following sections:

  • Estimates: Estimate, Area, Units, Rooms
  • Contracting: Scope Sheet, Buy Sheet, Schedule of Values

In order to utilize the Report Builder and effectively export your data within the system, please follow these steps:

  1. Proceed to the designated section where you intend to export your data, namely Estimates or Contracting, and click on the Export button. You'll have the option to either (1) Export as PDF or (2) Export as Excel. Click on the preferred option.

  1. A pop-up window will appear, giving you the option to select the reports you wish to include in your export. Utilize the drop-down arrows (>) where applicable to access more detailed reporting choices.

  1. Once you have chosen the specific reports you wish to export, click the Export button.

Pro Tip: You have the option to customize the order of the exports according to your preference prior to exporting. For example, if you prefer to have the Area Sheet appear after the Rooms section, you can easily rearrange it by dragging and dropping. This will ensure that the Area Sheet is positioned at the end of your report as desired.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and we'll be happy to help!

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